I recall the era when to be an individual was respected unquestionably. In fact it was honoured and fully respected. Now we have to watch everything we say or do for there is no freedom to be fully human. We have a right to the full range of human emotion in our hearts and on our lips, to our own unique ideas and also our opinions. There is no NEED for police to stroll our streets staring at everyone so we feel impelled to restrain every spontaneous urge, from a loud sigh to a harmless roar of anger at the sky, to the swinging as we walk of a clenched fist, or tears, or sheer joy of being alive on this wonderful earth. Now I feel as if I exist in a prison without bars for where are we allowed our full human potential allotted to each and every one of us at birth?? Does our country only want potential bureaucrats from every one of us? Where would be the Isadora Duncans, the Gaugains, a D.H. Lawrence, a Mahatma Gandhi or any libertarian in our present strait laced and wholly unnatural society?

Why is this idea important?

Bceuase it is about a very natural freedom and our intrinsic rights to be who we are.

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