Quite frankly, i'm shocked with society, the way people are forced to be materialistic and promote the destruction of the planet all for this precious 'profit'. I'm not a naturist but as Joe Rogan said, 'If an alien looked at earth and saw western civilization from space, it would look identical to a living organism infected with cancer.' Industrialization is like any other substance, best in moderation. 

Although, not all is bad, there is such a plant which has unprecedented potential. From clothing to food, Medicine to bio-fuel or simply using it for recreational purposes. Cannabis is quite literally a fuel for life. Furthermore there is a clear difference between harmful drugs such as Coke Heroin and Alcohol compared to cannabis which is harmful drugs have to be refined. Alcohol must go through a distillery similar to Coke and heroin. 

It is easy to see the effects of harmful drugs on society, Look at the rates of drink driving and assault motivated purely by alcoholic rage. I agree that most alcohol consumers are kind, but so are the majority of coke users, they just don't tell you they use the substance. 

In my opinion, It should be a crime to illegalize any natural substance due to its presence being proof that its existence is harmonious and most likely beneficial to our ecosystem. 

In conclusion, Please do whatever you can to help legalize Cannabis, too many innocent lives are ruined by the countries stern anti-cannbis laws and whos ambitions are crushed by the people who promised better chances. No Victim No Crime.

P.S. Please visit http://www.phoenixtears.ca/article/resources/links/granny-s-list/grannys-list.html It lists all of the scientific studies into the effects of Cannabis. 

P.P.S Im very proud of that source, there is so much evidence it is ludicrous to doubt the medical benefits of Cannabis anymore,

Why is this idea important?

Because it will; Save lives, Improve communities, raise public revenue, decrease national stress levels, increase Tourism, Increases public moral and Benefits the Planet.

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