Understandably, there is a growing amount of hostility towards the TV license. Many see the License fee as just another tax and, perhaps, do not recognise the important part it plays in maintaining high quality and cheap broadcasting in Britain.

Britain has the best television and radio in the world and one of the most economical. The unique way broadcasting is funded through the TV license is a fundamental reason for this. Although the public may feel like they are paying twice to watch television and have no choice in the matter, in fact the license fee actually sets the price point for TV in Britain. Just look across the ocean to our neighbours in North America who have fully commercial television. A typical cable bill is $100 per month and the service is riddled with advertising every eight minutes.

The TV license is not a “BBC-TV tax”, yes it funds BBC television but also national and local radio services. The so-called “freeview” channels also benefit from it.

However, the BBC has changed over the last decade and become too commercial. Celebrities are paid far too handsome salaries and private production companies profit from BBC programming. It seems a shake up at the Beeb and a re-evaluation of the license fee would be in the publics’ interested. The uniqueness of the license fee should be protected but its revenue used in a new way.

My proposal is that the TV license is replaced with a “Broadcasting License” to reflect that the financial contributions from the license fee not only support BBC television production but local and national radio services and other independent TV broadcasters. We also need to recognise the changing way the public access broadcasting. The Broadcasting License should also support the internet/network infrastructure across the UK. The new license, as well as supporting the BBC, should also contribute to the development of a national fibre optic network and supply every UK license fee payer with free high-speed broadband internet access. Profits from the commercial arm of the BBC should also be used to support the national broadcasting and network infrastructure.

The BBC also needs to get back to its roots. It should become a television producer again rather than a publisher. It should reinvest in its production and post-production facilities so that it can make its own programming once more. The BBC should be making a wide spectrum of programming not just cheap commercial reality-type shows. It should be the world leader in training broadcasting professionals and in research and development of broadcasting technology. Its back catalogue of vintage programming and radio productions should be made available online for the public to access freely. No more ridiculous salaries for celebrities. The BBC does not need to pay these high wages, there are plenty more upcoming actors and presenters ready waiting to take they place without requiring Hollywood contracts.

In summary my proposals are:

  1. Ditch the current TV license for a new “Broadcasting License”.
  2. The License to also fund a national high-speed fibre optic network.
  3. Free high-speed broadband internet access for all license fee payers.
  4. The BBC to make its own television programmers in house.
  5. The BBC should be a world leader in broadcasting staff training and R&D.
  6. No more celebrities on Hollywood salaries.
  7. The BBC should be making TV programmes for all from costume dramas, to documentaries, educational, special interest, comedies, etc. Cut the cheap commercial reality and quiz shows.
  8. BBC worldwide profits re-invested in the broadcasting/network infrastructure.

The downside – there has to be one right?
The new Broadcasting License would be payable by any residence owning a TV, radio, or with any other means of accessing “Freeview” channels either through terrestrial, satellite, cable or via the internet.

Why is this idea important?

We have the best television and radio in the world. Let's keep it that way.

If the License fee is abolished without a suitable replacement, the cost of television reception will be governed by the media moguls, it will be destroyed with advertising and television production in Britain will go the same way as the British film industry.

The Broadcasting License, would be even better value and fairer for the British public, would meet the needs of changing technology, keep Britain as the world-leader in high quality broadcasting and restore the BBC to its former glory.

7 Replies to “The TV License re-evaluated”

  1. they should scramble the signal.the are a re broadcaster for the most part,we should have a choice to subscribe…they use to be first class 30-30 yrs ago

  2. In brief the truth of the matter is:

    The TV License is illegal under European Law.

    The BBC is in breach of contract with the British public over a lack of impartiality, and monies received from outside sources.

    To read more, avoid the license fee and help us fight back.

  3. just read the comment about tv license is illegal, so why are millions of us paying it, and have tried to find more info on this but as yet can,t find anything,i would love to find something or some way that i didn,t have to pay tv license,with out a shadow of a doubt i would not pay for it.

  4. 1. Get rid of the license fee and use commercials to pay for programming costs. Those who want commercial free programming can subscribe to a pay service (broadcast or online).

    2. Allow low income people to do volunteer work in exchange for their license fee.

  5. We shouldn’t be rewarding failure nor encourgaing things that are against our rights as consumers. There shouldn’t be a tax on our ability to access communications, as that should be coming through comms providers through profit they make from our custom which is at least earned if they do things right. Plus even with very little capital in the early days, the BBC still managed to scrape together some great content AND provided experience for commercial broadcasters too who would pay for the privilage of working alongside the BBC – time they remembered that lesson and reinstituted that policy rather than have us fork out again for an organisation that doesn’t even do what its supposed to under the Royal Charter.

  6. I have found my respect for BBC’s political viewpoint and persuasions extremely annoying, they are always left wing and never have the smallest grain of respect for the more right wing frame of mind. I’ve thought many times of a more fair way to report news and their discoveries and that is to be just the eyes and ears for the viewers.
    It’s just not fair ,having to fund the lefties to create more. Afterall if the BBC are so hellbent on being leftwing, then they would have true respect for all individuals around the whole world whether they be left, right or more central in their believes. I know this sounds daft but the BBC to me look like Liberal Nazi’s and not truely liberal in the slightest.
    If only the other countries knew that the British Public are forced to fund or switch off.
    BBC are truely awful, the commercial channels don’t bother me because it is not them who are forcing me to pay anything.

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