I wish for a new Law to be passed which protects all the peoples in the United Kingdom, not only in freedoms but in liberties and powers too. At all times the Commonwealth peoples are entitled to:

  1. Freedom of Speech – The freedom to express an idea or believe without scrutiny or persecution.

  2. Freedom of Choice – The freedom to do as one chooses. Without scrutiny or persecution. Unless in a manner that threatens these laws.

  3. Freedom of Life – The freedom to live. Citizens, Governments, Police etc. should never restrict this.  

  4. Freedom to Settle –  The people of the United Kingdom should be allowed to settle on public or unused land and property without prosecution. So long as other laws are not broken.

Other areas of our law must be rewritten to ensure liberties and freedoms are not restricted, these include.

  1. Drugs – Prohibition has never worked, and the people of the UK should be given information and advice regarding drugs rather than a useless classification system which implies “these are safe and these are not.” Taking a substance in my eyes is not a criminal offence.

  2. Fees and Fines – The people of the UK should not be subject to fines and fees at any point. With driving; CCTV and Local Police should be the only means of identifying reckless driving and drivers should be penalised accordingly with points and removal of licenses. Not with pety fines and "slaps on the wrist." People can speed and pay a fine, but can't speed when they've had their license taken away. The same applies to Privately owned companies like National Rail, Banks and Others alike who seem to be PLC's able to issue fines for services rendered.

  3. Police Powers – Innocent until proven guilty. Police should not be allowed to stop and search without good reason. If a warrant for search is not issued, police should not be able to search a persons person or house without permission this includes by method of helicopter and CCTV. No Warrant – No Right!

  4. Entrapment – The Police or Government should never be able to put a citizen in a position of Entrapment. Police should not be allowed to drive unmarked cars or wear casual clothes whilst on the beat. Tempting criminals with dummy houses for robbery or with fast unmarked cars should not be allowed and is un ethical crime fighting.

  5. The Right to Protest – If a group or population are unhappy with choices made by their business or political institution they should be able to appeal by method of peaceful protest.


Why is this idea important?

 I believe this idea is important because the state of the United Kingdom is dire. We are susceptible to too many rules and regulations on simple things like our freedom. We need a new direction and new polices to protect the people and their interests. It is never in the interest of the government to intervene with the peoples activities and should actively protect them at all times. Regardless of law and regulation. The Government should protect the people not imprison them or criminalise them using a strictly moral and scientific manner and not a political manner. Politician should exercise their right to Freedom of Speech and actively speak up and challenge things rather than submitting to a party's political views.

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