Dear Nick,

Have you been out on a Friday or Saturday night in Suburbian England?  Im sure its the same as many other towns across the UK.  Fights, drunks, vomit on the floor and the police trying to keep order.  

I've lived in Paris for the last 5 years and we can learn from our French pals.  I returned to the UK in November and its clear our society has a problem with excess drink.  Please ask any of your friends across EU, they will agree, no?

As an ex rugby player, I'm not suggesting for a moment we need to ban booze, but we need to carefully review our licensing laws and approach to educating our children on social drinking.

Lets encourage our pubs/bars to open to our families through the day for food and a glass of beer or wine.  Our children currently see pubs as a place you can go to avoid families!  Surely our country public houses need the business no? 

Lets educate our children and even there parents on the issues of excess booze.  Focus on making it socially unnacceptable to drink until you fall over! 



Why is this idea important?

Cost of public disorder

Cost of policing

Cost of public health short and long term (liver health)

Perception of British culture across the globe

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