The requirement for CQC registration for the dental profession should be scrapped because there are already qulitiy assurance systems in place that are being regularly checked by the local PCTs.  Moreover, the GDC has tough guidelines on standards of care etc. As it is the dental profession is one of the most heavily regulated professions in the world. This means that dental practitioners have to dedicate much more time in dealing with excessive and unnecessary regulations and guidelines that are not all evidence based resulting in less time focusing their energy on patient care.  Is it not patient experience and outcomes that are more important than the raft of new regulations beseeching dentist in this ever changing world of health service provision where the goal post seems to shifting on a monthly basis!  If the concern is about totally private practices then surely the remit of the PCTs can be extended to cover this sector?

Why is this idea important?

Scrapping the requirement for CGC registration will improve patient care and shift the focus away from red tape and unnecessary duplication caused by having a number of regulatroy bodies, regulations and guidelines such as the GDC, PCT, BSA, dental reference service, HTM01-05 coupled with on going practice visits.

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