Those, who by their actions whether actively or passively, verbally or by any other action, preach, support, or promote hatred and/or violence against any other person or body in the United Kingdom, shall forfeit all rights, privileges and protection under the Human Rights legislation in the UK, Europe or any other recognised International Legal authority.

Why is this idea important?

The Human Rights Act has become a haven of protection for those who wish to promote harm in various ways to the citizens of the United Kingdom. Religious clerics and other relgious zealots have avoided deportation and othjer sanctions on the grounds that they infringe their Human Rights yet they have themselves preached hatred and worse against the ordinary citizens of the United Kingdom.

The courts must have the freedom to deal with such people regardless of whether, or not, the offenders may, or may not, be treated badly in the country of origin. If these offenders are found to be objectionable to the UK is it surprising, therefore, that they may be treated harshly back in their own country?

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