I would Like to see strict Measures in place to make sure Hospital wards are run correctly. Having been in Hospital and had various members f my family been in hospital I have seen the state that some of the wards are in . Unclean disgusting with some nursing staff not even bothering to change people catheters and so on, this goes on in some places and hospitals seem to get away with it we need tighter control over who is allowed to work on wards and better management to make sure wards are clean.  Also many a time have I and members of my family waited for a serious appointment but no word has ever come so on phoning the various departments found nobody has any recollection of an appointment ever taking place so what are departements doing how is it possible to lose a patient from a file this shouldnt and cannot happen.

Why is this idea important?

If you want to cut the ammount of time people wait for appointments etc  you have to be able to rely on the fact that all departments are doing the job they are supposed to a trustworthy management is necesary with a strong management structure that allows strict monitoring without the paperwork. Nurses doctors admin staff should be properly veted and monitored to make sure they are doing the job they are meant to properly and also able to do the job properly and efficiently with no barriers stopping them doing so. You cannot have an effective NHS  system without having propper measures in place to ensure staff on all levels are doing what is required if you simply leave them to it you will end up in trouble. I believe the majority of Hospital staff do an incredible job and have seen this for myself but there are some who seriously dont they have to be found out and so do the hospitals  who act neglegently  and do not provide the service they are supposed to.


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