I feel it is time the government stopped playing games & avoiding the issue. It is clearly obvious to anyone who has looked into the subject that some kind of superiorly developed life forms are observing & at times interacting with human kind. Why don't the government grow a pair & own up by releasing to the public domain everything they now know about the whole subject of alien interaction with earth's human populace. This is no longer a joking matter & any attempt to make it remain as such must be met with nothing but contempt by anyone who has any repect for truth.

Why is this idea important?

Because in a democracy the elected governement is supposedly there to serve the wishes of the people who elected them. We, the people, do not wish to be lied to repeatedly. We are mature enough to cope with the truth & we demand to be told the truth. The words of  Maggie Thatcher no longer apply, the truth is already out here among us & any attempt to curtail it only reinforces the peoples perception that politicians cannot & should not be trusted. So to save our democracy from a terrifying demise the government needs to start treating both we, the people, & the truth, with the respect we deserve!

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