I'm tired of being scared to go for a drive in case of a speed camera catching me doing 35 in a 30 limit,downhill,with no adjoining roads,no schools,no elderly people….in fact,an open road where you have to brake to keep under 30 for at least 500 yards,tired of being scared to pick up the next door neighbour's 5 year old who's just fallen off her bike,tired of hearing that my son has been suspended from his work by health & safety for jumping into a fork-lift to move it 2 yards to allow a delivery van into place….in fact,tired of legislation stopping us from being who we are.We are always going to make mistakes,have an accident……that's what makes us human.No amount of legislation or culture change will stop it happening.The attempt to make it so is just making life miserable for everyone.

Please give us our lives back,trust us…..the vast majority of us know what's right and wrong.If this horrible state syndrome of "we know what's best for you……it must be right,mustn't it?" can disappear,we'll start to think for ourselves again…., and there are many who might be surprised at how well we can look after ourselves.And…. for a lot less cost!

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because I think lots of people feel as I do,but are scared to say so.

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