Prevent shops from displaying cigarettes and change packaging to plain packaging. Allow pharmaceutical companies market freedom to develop new and more effective NRT products and market these and make them cheaper. Extend smokefree legislation to cover all public outside areas including doorways, bus stops, parks. Ban smoking in cars in the same way mobile phone use is banned.

Why is this idea important?

The protect the rights of non-smokers exposed to the harms of second hand smoke. Particularly to protect the rights of children who are unable to make autonomous decisions about whether they are exposed to second hand smoke- especially in cars. To save the economy money otherwise spent on heart attacks, asthma admissions, lung disease and all the rest. To improve the rights of companies making NRT products to be fairer (why can tobacco be sold in the newsagent but NRT not?). To curb the rights of tobacco companies that undermine human rights by encouaging people to get addicted to nicotine and profiting from this. To reduce inequalities by enabling better support to those who are most deprived and most unable to quit their addiction. This of course must be supported by increased funding to smoking cessation services.

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