It is quite obvious that in order to save money, the Government have to reduce jobs in the public sector. Local councils, the NHS, education currently are all suffer from over-management. The old joke about one council workman digging a hole in the road, while three managers, plus now of course the obligatory Health and Safety expert, stand and watch holding their clipboards is sadly today very true, and can longer be afforded. We need staff to actually do the job in hand. Too many justify their positions simply overseeing others, compiling useless statistics, attending 'important' meetings etc. The per head savings would also be greater for management reduction, so less jobs would be lost.

When considering staff reductions therefore, I suggest lay-offs should fall heaviest on the management/administration, thus keeping more of those who actually get the job done whilst making the greatest cost savings.

Why is this idea important?

Greatest monetary saving per job lost.

The average worker in the UK is perfectly capable of carrying out his/her duties without the excessive and largely unnecessary supervision present today.  It has been proved that a less managed work-force is a happier and more productive workforce.

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