The way forward with thee welfare state is with both the carrot and stick approach. Having been a child brought up on welfare myself, my mother chose to go to university at 38 years old in order to get a career and although it was a struggle is now comfortably middle class.

This is also what I aspire to be. However today the financial gains you can achieve on welfare coupled with working on the side as window cleaners, part time drug dealers (I live in blackpool my socialist comrades, I see this everyday)and various other non traceable employments, it is absolutely pointless them going out to work on minimum wage as they are mostly uneducated and have trouble getting a better paid job (as they spent most of their time smoking and procreating behind the bike sheds – school’s for losers you see).

Im not trying to tar all council estates here but coming from one myself the major problem is the Parents. Without decent parents these young children do not have any aspirations or desire to succeed. Being ‘ard is far more important. I was in both camps and my best mate who was the roughest of the lot in the school was one of the fortunate few who had that desire to get out of the council estates. The cycle will forever continue.

To summarise and thank you for still reading this, financial recompense for being unemployed needs to be removed. Vouchers for food and free off peak bus passes issued. Free second hand prams issued instead of the obsurd £400 grant which is duly spent on a nice flat screen tv and or some nice class A drugs. Housing benefit for teenagers who are pregnant needs to be scrapped. The Teenagers should be forced to live with parents until 21.

We need renewable energy, hows about anyone unemployed has to work for their money 38 hours a week building/fitting renewable energy sources. Our national grid would be rebuilt cheaply and give these people valuable skills in a world which is working towards building an economy based on green technologies.

So are we targeting the poorest and the weakest? Dont forget these kids were the hardest in the school who’d mug me for my dinner money and mobile, they are not the weak members of society people seem to think and please, unless you have lived on a council estate and gone to the local comprehensive please do not give me your hippy do gooder my daddys a millionaire therfore I have the moral high gound approach.

The sooner we are all working and spending that money we work for, the sooner more jobs are created and we are all lifted out of poverty. The tax burden on the rest of us is dragging us all down and not lifting the gutter class up at all, its cementing their position there and those of their future children

Yours Sincerly,

Former Gutter class typre person turned good.

Why is this idea important?

It will liberate society, removing national debt at a greater pace and reposition Britain as the leader of Europe both economically and socially. We would create a blueprint which the rest of the world would try and emulate. In addition more resources would be freed for important areas such as the ever more expensive health system.

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