remove the 750kg maximum towing allowance on post 1997 driving licences, this seems a pointless restriction on drivers as the test did not change between these dates

Why is this idea important?

i am a self employed mechanic who is losing out on work recovering cars to repair, all because i passed my test in august 1998, my licence also stops me buying a recovery truck due to the weight restriction.

i know i can take a towing test and an lgv test but this is extra expense that being new to self employment i cannot afford.

i'm also restricted to a car with no more than 9 seats, i have 4 children all at ages which require car seats, there isn't many cars available with the required space in it to accomadate this situation. i am however allowed to buy a vehicle with more than 9 seats and remove the seats, surely this is a pointless restriction??

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