Towing of Trailers

The current law of being asked to take a trailer test to allow the recent drivers that have passed their test to tow trailers is over protective and not required.

Why does this idea matter?

 As it stands at the moment a driver can drive a tractor with an 18 ton loaded trailer and then when he wishes to tow a car trailer he cannot because he must take instruction and pass a test.

  • We have gone years when trailers and cars were less safe than they are now so why now with lower speed limits, safer cars, safer trailers and  tougher driving tests do we have this inappropiate law. If you wish to use the time of these people employed in giving trailer tuition to more benefit I would suggest that they give first time drivers instruction on motor way driving.

I cannot believe in the past that there have been many accidents caused by drivers that struggled to know how to tow a trailer.

Time to scrap the trailer test please.

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