At the moment, if a tree is in a conservation area, the council are able to place a Tree Preservation Order on the tree, even if it is in the land of an owner of private land. What right does the Council have to say to a resident, minding their own business, that just because they fancy a certain tree, that the owners are not allowed to cut it. If it is cut, then a £20,000.00 fine is placed on them. This allows corruption to come into the Council. How? Because, after hearing what a racist neighbour says to them, they can forbid certain people (by way of culture, religion and race) to cut their tree, and they could let another person cut theirs if they have the "right" characteristics, (by way of culture race or religion) – it is evil and racist, I know. Hence this is discrimination. The Government has given blind power to the Council Officials. The Ombudsmen do nothing about them, because they also racially discriminate against black and asian people, but are good for the rest.

The town hall officials are very big dictators. You, Government, say other countries are dictators, but you have dictators that are called Council Officials. NOT, by any means the Councillors.

I propose that you scrap Ombudsmen, and set up regulation authorities on the Local Government just as they have for gas, electricity companies, to regulate the Council Officials, and to overlook their decisions and revoke them. If a person wants justice against the Council's decisions, at present, as they have been discriminated against, they must go to the High Court. But this is very expensive, so many people do not go to the High Court. If you made regulatory bodies, it would be cheaper for the people and they would get justice straight away. Please make sure, that those people who are Ombudsmen do not get jobs in these regulatory bodies. This is because they do nothing, if you do, I would be obliged to complain again about these dictators.

Suppose, if somebody has a tree in their property, it should be up to the owners to do what they like to the tree. It is no business of the Council to be nosy and to interfere with what they do to the tree. The owners know themselves, whether the tree being there is good for them or bad for them. Suppose a racist neighbour came and wanted to give trouble to their neighbours, so they get their racist allies, the Council Officials to put a Tree Preservation Order on the tree, (often abbreviated to TPO). For no reason! This is not fair. To summarise, if a racist neighbour says so about another's tree, their right to cut the tree, or loop it is stopped.

If the Council are so concerned about trees, they should plant more in their own land, not force others to keep their in their land. They could buy a plot in the Amazon Rainforest and plant the trees there! Or, the Government can stop Trans National Corporations like MacDonalds from cutting down trees, deforestation, for their animals to graze in or for whatever reason.

In our Whalley Range area in Manchester, where it is a conservation area, there are too many very old trees on the side of the roads, and their roots make the roads bumpy, and affect people's walls. In the Autumn their leaves are too many on the road and pavements, and it makes it slippery, and old and disabled people cannot leave their homes, and cannot walk on the slippery surfaces, or they will fall and hurt. The Council should dig the old trees out after a few years, then plant new trees in those places.

Even if a tree is not in a conservation area, the Council Officials still place a TPO unjustly on a tree, and no one can get justice. Or if it is, it is only for the rich or what they call "middle class". I am against the made up "class system". It should be abolished. People should not be labelled. To bring people together, people should give to charity instead of saying "disadvantaged" or whatever. The label "working class" or "underclass" – "deserving poor" or "undeserving poor" is just what the Tories made up so people can use these labels to bully the poor.

Why is this idea important?

The property owner can do what they like to their property and trees, with regards to cutting their trees. As the Council Officials have blind power, they are using it to discriminate. It is none of their business what people do to their trees. If they love the trees, tell them to go and look at their own land. Simple.

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