Nobody likes being stuck behind a tractor. 

That's why i think that Tractors should not be allowed to access main roads between 7:00 – 9:00 and 16:00 – 18:00 (the hours when people are driving to and from work). 

This effectively gives tractor drivers plenty of time between these two hour periods that they can drive on the main roads, without causing as much congestion. 

Why is this idea important?


Tractors create immense hold ups on the roads and can often cause 20mph traffic for several miles, especially if the driver is reluctant to let the cars pass.

Particularly on national speed limit roads, that many commuters drive on – tractors can cause extremely long hold ups and congestion on these roads, especially when they are roads that do not allow overtaking. 

People caught and spotted driving tractors on the roads during these restricted times should be fined, as they are creating needless and unnecessary hold ups.

Hopefully this will reduce some of the congestion that happens on these roads. 

6 Replies to “Tractors to be banned from using main roads during certain hours”

  1. I agree with you however i believe they should be banned full stop. if they must use the main roads they should be made to pull over at parking areas or onto the grass verdes where available allowing motorist to pass

    1. Are nuts banning tractors form the road are u a farmer no? Do u eat yes! So whts ur problom if they can get to the field to grow food how are u going to live are u kidding me how do u expect them to get around some people are crazy. I’m a farmer and know people think this way makes me mad cuz we work hard to grow food and pople like u don’t make any sens!

    2. What are you on? Do you want to eat? If the answer is yes, tractors need to be on the roads. If not then you will starve. According to the government, we are only allowed to go 20mph on the roads, although most of the kit now does around 30. John behind a tractor, just be patient and not a lunatic driving up its arse.

      Cheers a farmer, from Hampshire. .

  2. I am a farmer,motorcyclist and ex truck driver and yes I agree that tractors and other slow farm vehicles should be banned between certain hours apart from harvest time late July till November November.
    Most other jobs can be planned around these times.
    I know silage is different but as most farmers are selfish like myself, I don’t care I’m arable only.
    We have brought this upon ourselves why the heck most of my fellow tractor drivers can’t pull in to let cars past is beyond me??
    I often do to let others pass.
    We have less right to use the roads as car drivers as we are free from vehicle tax and we do cover the roads in mud and oil.
    When will you all open your eyes and see that alot of the population hate us.
    They don’t see us as the providers of food but the providers of traffic holdups and grumbles about lack of money while living in our large houses driving our expensive cars!

  3. Newport, Shropshire.
    Farmers are costing this country millions of pounds each day by allowing tractors onthe main highways. Today 21/06 2018 a journey of 15 miles I was in traffic for 25 minutes due to tractors not pulling over. 14 lorries in front of me., lost count of cars.
    I farmed for 30 years and never held up traffic, even if itmeant me waiting 10 minutes. These days farmers get no sympathy as in our area they are producing food of which 30% is thrown away. Unfortunatly, not the drivers fault, he spoke little english, and explained to me that where hecomes from thereare not many vehicles. A lorry held up by 20 minutes costs approx. £100. Multiply that by 14 today.
    Got to be added on to the cost of goods it is carrying. Farms today do not need to rent fields 8 miles away, while so much food they produce is going to landfill. More cost!!!!

  4. All tractors should be banned from a roads until after nine a.m
    People are trying to get to school and work
    They have all day after nine to get out

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