Repeal the following anti trade union legislation

1980 Employment Act

1982 Employment Act

1984 Employment Act

1988 Employment Act

1989 Employment Act

1990 Employment Act

1993 Employment Act

Why is this idea important?

Successive British Governments since 1979 have interfered wtih constitution of the Trade Union movement introducing legislation which is the most restrictive amongst the 'democratic nations of the world'.

Every worker must have the right to take industrial action to defend and improve the pay, conditions and safety at their workplace in line with the rules of their union as decided by its members.

Injunctions based upon understandable errors in an over zealous requirement to fufil the minutised of detail is merely a tool of employers and government to deny workers their democratic rights. These are unjust requirements and they will eventually lead to civil disobedience like of which is seen in Greece and previously against the Poll Tax 

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