Channel M (Sky 203) already provide a programme named 'Live Traffic Cameras' each morning (Mon-Fri) which broadcasts the morning traffic around Manchester while enabling viewers to listen to Manchester's main local radio station.

My idea would be to add to this and actually do this for all towns and cities; although it might be easier to do this encrypted over the internet than to try to negotiate more TV channels.

Why is this idea important?

I too am in favour of restoring our civil liberties but I also accept that some CCTV cameras on Britain's roads are vital for our security.  That said, my idea would help to make the CCTV security systems more transparent and could actually lead to them being seen in a more positive (and less menacing) light by the general public.

I'm sure there are many people who would favour something like this because it would be one up on the traditional 'neighbourhood watch' schemes and would help people feel more safe and secure in their communities while still enabling the security services to do their jobs.

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