Allow traffic to flow freely on all lanes of the moterway, overtaking should be allowed on any lane, this works perfectly well in the US.  Allowing all lanes to be fully used would increase space and stop the frustration caused by slow vehicles in the middle and outside lanes.

Why is this idea important?

Control the entry of traffic from slip roads onto moterways.  A lot of the congestion on moterways is caused at junctions by vehicles in slip roads forceing their way into traffic, this not only causes delays but is dangerous as vehicles try to force their way to the outside lane.

The entry of vehicles from slip roads should be controlled so that the moterways move freely, this is done in the US on busy roads by traffic lights on slip roads that control the flow of traffic.


  1. The greatest danger of HGV on motorways is 1. …..The generally drive nose to tail or in other words illegally tailgate. No doubt they would argue that this slipstreaming saves monies but it cause a tailback of lorries and other traffic. and doesn’t allow movement of other vehicles on or off the motorway and obstructs signage which is obviously important.

    2. When they decide to overtake they generally can only maintain 1 mph more than the HGV or caravan being overtaken. This means that they wl be in the middle lane for quite some time and distance. if there are many overtakes with numerous HGVs this can become rolling road block and end up with several miles of slower moving vehicles behind. All general travelling at 60 mph and too close together.

    An accident just waiting to happen. They should be restricted to the single inside lane and made to drive at least the Safer full stopping distance apart which at 60 mph would be 240ft or more as they need longer to brake harder. so 100mtrs or one white painted marker post apart would be safer.

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