Train the police better

Give police better training, at the moment they don't know how to act when they are outnumbered so they get violent and act like little kids in a playground. This exaserbates situations and causes deaths like that of Ian Tomlinson.

Why does this idea matter?

I will paste a complaint I made to the inderpendant police complaints commision. It went nowhere because this is how the police are EXPECTED to act in a situation that they are outnumbered even if they are out numbered by completely non violent seventeen year olds.


"The police were called to the scene of a house party where the owner of the house had been assaulted by somebody there. We were all told to leave but as we were waiting outside for friends the police started pushing us down the road physically in a similar manner to which killed Ian Thomlinson at the G20 riots. One of my friends were pushed to the floor so I consider this to be unreasonable force when the people being pushed and are telling the officers that they are leaving while walking away. We were leaving and they kept pushing us. I politely asked 4501 to stop pushing me a few times then said if he kept going then I would make a formal complaint about him, he kept pushing me so I asked for his badge number. While I was taking it down he was still pushing me. It kept going a good distance down the road till more police turned up at which point they all run over telling us to disperse and while I was walking away a police officer (I think 2999 but can't fully remember) threw me in a bush for no reason. While this was going on to me it was happening to at least 5 other people. There are about 20 witnesses, and one person who batted their hand out the way for pushing him got pepper sprayed in a crowded area then was arrested for assault of a police officer. If that was assault then I was assaulted by multiple police officers that day. Finally I have a video of them pushing us down the road and on this video a police officer came over and said he would confiscate the phone if we kept videoing which I know for a fact he had no right to do. This proves in my eyes they knew what they were doing was wrong, either that or proves they are completely incompetent and don't know their own job's, possibly both."


Only problem with this is that their pushing us about wasn't a mad power trip, it's what they are trained to do and it is disgusting, it treats the public like the enemy when the public has done nothing wrong, and they considered a much lesser act of preventing them from pushing us assult. This is bad training, police should understand they are there to protect the people not push them around. It still makes me so angry typing this out even though it happened a year ago.

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