What regulations allow for banks to transfer the british based jobs abroad to increases their profits, while putting people on the dole here, that then need to be supported by tax payers. It seems to me that banks have us in a strangle hold in so much that all payments and receipets now go through the bank in one way or another and nearly everyone in england use then to run their lives, councils and govenrment. So why should all our money that is paid into these banks to make them vialbel then be used to support another country? Those employees in other countries then pay their taxes to their government so it is another tax loss to Britian.

Why is this idea important?

Britian has lost a lot of it main manufacturing jobs and so most of the employment now is through the public sector, making and policing policies to manage society. If we are to build on getting people back to work, which call centers were a very good start for people joining the work force. These centres not only provided a first rung on the ladder for most, but also a choice for those people who wished to return to work later in life to help fund their pensions and remain active. The loss of these centres to other countries have removed a backbone of employment and left british tax payers paying more for the privilage.

May those companies who use overseas call centres should be taxed in a manner that makes it viabele to leave the jobs in Britian or to be branded in a way that people have a choice of service so that we can chose those services that go towards putting taxes back in to Britian.

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