STOP this transfer and leave things how they are.

In order to:

keep the small drainage industry alive and people in jobs!

Stop the dramatic increase in Sewage rates!

continue the slow economic recovery of England and Wales and keep money within the countrys.

Why is this idea important?

Overnight approximatley 50% of the private sewer network will transfer to water companies in England and Wales with no consideration for the small drainage contractor who's business will be cut in half.

Sewage bills are set to rise dramaticly!

The majority of these water companies are owned by massive foreign business!!!

We all remember the floods experianced by England and Wales recently which was due to a lack of investment and maintainace by these water companies.

Why give them more sewers to neglate?

Why cut a healthy industry in half overnight resulting in thousands of people loosing their business and jobs while the fat cats of companies such as YTL are given the oppertunity to take more money out of the country? 

The above all needs to be stopped!

How do DEFRA justify this?

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  1. Learn to spell.
    The same amount of work will need to be done so workloads will not change.

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