I think that prisoners should work for extremely low wage and in poor conditions to contribute to the countries' economy. Jobs that people are not willing to do such as making batteries. This will not only increase the GDP and GNP it will also attract businesses that require cheap labour.

Furthermore, because the prisoners will still be getting paid, they will have some money once they leave prison and there will less chance that they will return back to prison.

Furthermore, this reduces the amount of prison space needed because they can work in extreme climates such as the Sahara desert.

The scheme would only be open to those in prison up to five years. Any prisoners after the age will not be accepted unless they are under the age of 25.

The scheme will be operated like a business:

– It will be profitable

– HOWEVER, it will be run the government (or regulated)

– Promotions can be given

– Training will be provided so that the job can be carried on throughout the prisoners life outside the prison.


– Positions will not be negotiable.

– Pay cannot be increased unless the government say so

The possibilities are endless, the prisoners cost money and do not give anything back (apart from enforce the government to hire police officers). We need to drain money from them!!

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important because it will show the young people of todays society that once you take ones' life away they will not go to prison with luxury accomodation filled with televisions, friends and the occasional chat will the officers. We NEED to bring the old days back. Human rights should not exist for murderers and rapists.


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