Under the Tree Preservation Order system, private landlowners are unable to lop or remove trees without permission of their local council.

Where such trees are causing damage to a building and the council refuse you have to lodge an appeal. This is costly and often includes submission of tree surgeon and surveyor opinions.

The grounds and scope under which the appeals are granted are very narrow and if your appeal is not granted the only remedy is to appleal to the High Court or to seek injunctive relief. This is unaffordable for most people.

The result is that the Council maintain a lot of power, the system is skewed in their favour. The system needs to be drastically remedied to bring about a fairer more equitable system.

Why is this idea important?

This is an important idea as the present regulations take power away from the individual into an unaccountable Council and a Tribunal system which ordinary people find difficult to engage with.

This imbalance of power needs to be redressed to make the environment fairer and more equitable.

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