Get rid of tree preservation orders for individual domestic properties

Why is this idea important?

These orders cause a huge amount of aggravation for householders. Complex forms have to be filled in to gain LA permisssion to trim a tree with an order, then a council official has to visit the property. Then the council has to respond to the request.

Then if the tree owner and the LA disagree there is an appeals process involving the secretary of state. All of this is bureaucratic and expensive. Incredibley, if an prder is transgressed the tree owner can be fined up to £20,000.

Certainly, these orders are needed for woodland and forrests but not for individual private dwellings. There would not be massive destruction of trees if the rules were relaxed. Most householders like their garden trees. They simply want to be able to trim them without getting involved in a time consuming legal process.

So let's improve life for individuals with trees in their garden, cut back on local authirity bureaucracy and save the Secretary of State some time by sweeping away these disproportionate regulations.

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