It is vital to restore an honest and high standard educational system;Present levels of aspiration are deplorable and offend hte civil rights of every child in the public sector.selective schools for academic children ,technical(practiacal skills-based schools), properly equipped(old secondary moderns were not) with apprenticeships to follow,business-orientated schools.Appropriate worthwhile qualifications as valued by employers.Education policy has not been thought through for decades and is now chaotic and most foreigners receive a far better education. Parents should insist on these rights.

Why is this idea important?

Clearly there is a problem now.A radical rethink is neededand it must be honestly acknowledged that children differ in types of intelligence.This is not a judgement of value,but reality in terms of education.Put most children in an environment to which they can relate to ,have them work for obtainable but worthwhile goals ,and they will respond ,provided the teachers are excellent and have the knowledge for those chidren’s brand of education.For every child __the sky is the limit!The politicians have been denying children this civil right for far too long and pretending that everything is fine in the public sector<while their children reap the benefits of the public schools,but who is paying for the school system?

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