The vast majority of teachers are qualified, motivated and knowledgable individuals who know their subjects and their pupils or students, as a group, better than anyone else. They should be allowed to teach the way which delivers the subject knowledge, in their educated opinion, the best way for each individual or group. They cannot do this when bogged down by an ever-increasing burden of paperwork, which takes away from their contact time with their class or group. Trust the teachers to do the job properly, and give them the time and freedom so to do. Less paperwork, fewer targets and decreased inspection will result in a better education for the country's children and students.

Why is this idea important?

Children need education, knowledge and help in each subject. Teachers' time is better spent delivering these things than it is doing paperwork and preparing model lessons for inspections. Some paperwork, planning and note-taking is, of course, essential, but too much deprives those who need it of their teachers' time and help. Cutting down the red tape is vital for an improving education system.

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