For the past two years or so we have been forced to suffer a womans voice telling us from a satellite (I believe…?)  in space the same boring, intrusive messages about the stops or stations we are approaching, the final destination of the public vehicle which we are sitting down. Even while we wait for trains a man's voice tells us not to leave luggage on platforms, etc,etc. It's too much. When I recently went to Lymington, the lovely old fashioned train rendered a silent journey but the new train with un openable doors which requires the employment of an extra guard to open and close the doors has the ruddy female voice on it. There's too MUCH noise telling us to do this and not to do that. Its like the Nanny State via the invisible faceless voice. Do we really need this? Apart from the unnecessary noise it intrudes constantly upon our thoughts and right to peace and quiet .

Why is this idea important?

Because too much noise creates stress and disturbs the peace. It robs us of our freedom to think about other things. Besides we are not children who have to be told to watch the step down from the train and everything else. It's patronising and rude also. There's too much state interference in every aspect of our lives now. IT's pointless.

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