Let be realistic here – the vast majority of us have a television or radio or laptop.

Whether you watch / listen / read the BBC content on TV / Radio / BBC News Website is broadly irrelevant. You still benefit from the competition the BBC provides to other terrestrial broadcasters and SKY etc.

This comes in the form of enhanced content, training of talent, and downward pressure on advertising time, to name but a few.

The benefits of scrapping the individual TV license and making it a basic additional to council tax would simply be a reduction in, bureaucracy and costs. 

No one would ever again be prosecuted or taken to court on the basis of not paying their licence fee.

Why is this idea important?

No one would ever again be prosecuted or taken to court on the basis of not paying their licence fee. This would reduce court costs and time.

The council would be responsible for collection as part of their existing bureaucratic machine with no additional costs; much in the same way as tax for police, fire and refuse collection is shown in an itemised manner. 

Everyone would be charged based on the council tax band. This could be set at such a rate as to generate roughly the same amount as is currently raised.

No one would get a discount for having a black and white TV. The content still costs the same amount to produce!    

One Reply to “TV Licence rolled into Council Tax”

  1. If it meant that as well as my council tax being reduced by council tax benefit, it dropped the cost of the licence to a pounds or two a month (about 20% of current cost) then I’d be OK, as would those OAPs who claim council tax reductions, and if the cost was held in the year (where TV licence charges you up to 6 months in advance, or hits you for an extra fee if you try to pay quarterly) so you didn’t get forced into strange calculations because of the TVL methods of collecting it, then yes, seems worth considering.

    Big issue for many is that they may use none of the BBC services but still have to pay because they want to use some other service which seems incredibly unfair – if someone watches ITV exclusively (OK, no nasty comments about intellect) why should they really have to fund the BBC at all ?

    I can think of nothing worth watching on TV (so don’t have one, and don’t miss it). I listen to stations via internet radio from all over the world but if I wanted a satellite box to hear World Radio Network, or LBC news (I am 200 miles from London so it’s not on FM), it may be considered I have “TV equipment installed” and I could be fined a massive penalty even if I never had anything plugged in to “watch”.

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