At the moment, although I have a TV licence in my name, it only covers me viewing at home.

In the old days of valve radios humming away in the corner of the room, we had to have a radio licence, but when technology moved on and the amazing transistor radio, no bigger than a couple of house bricks, was invented, our licences allowed us to listen to those on the beach, in the park or anywhere we pleased.

I think it's time that TV licencing followed suit and was dragged (kicking and screaming if necessary) into the 21st century. My licence should cover me catching up on the BBC News headlines on my office computer at lunch time, without putting my company at risk of prosecution. I should be able to watch a sports update on my mobile or laptop if I'm out and about, without fear of prosecution.

Why is this idea important?

The outdated system at the moment criminalises unwitting people who are otherwise honest, law-abiding people. It can also criminalise people who are doing NOTHING wrong. For example, if I, or any of my colleagues, watched TV in the works canteen on our own personal mobile phones, during our lunch break, without any of the Management being aware, the company could be prosecuted for not having a TV licence. Now how is that fair?

Redeploy the people hunting the "mobile" viewers to the fairer task of clamping down on those who don't have a TV licence at all.

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