There is something inherently unjust about obliging everyone to pay for a service they may never use, especially when (unlike the emergency services or infrastructure) there is no clear benefit to the country or general public in the service.

Unlike most developed countries. the UK persists with a tax for owning a television – the TV License Fee. Why should people pay this? I do not want to watch BBC programming, nor do I think their particular offering is essential or even unique to myself or anyone else.

Please scrap the TV License Fee. The BBC is more than capable of competing commercially with other networks giving them an equal footing and more importantly giving the public some money back to spend on other (more important) things.

Why is this idea important?

It is contrary to our fundamental idea of justice that we should be obliged to pay for a service which we may never use, and that gives the beneficiary of the funds an unfair advantage in an otherwise free and commercial market.

There are a number of ways in which individuals could otherwise spend their TV License Fee money, all of which would contribute to suuport the multitude of other businesses in the UK.

Just let the public decide for themselves what is important when spending their money.

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