Introduce a policing aspect (of advertising and interviewing etc) to Job Centre functions.  Protect the Human Rights of our own Nationals to find a job.  Send investigators abroad to find out who is luring people to come – for a fee – to UK .

Investigate and punish organisations, such as "employment agencies"  and gangmasters which are wielding unfair hold over the job market.  Fines imposed if correct advertising within the locality of the job in the UK and also nationally are not followed.

Agencies are allied to criminal gangmasters and pimps.  They have caused many illegal immigrants to enter the UK as cheap labour, which is against our traditional rules of "queueing" and fairness. Bring back moral principles and remove any rewards for cheating to the detriment of others.

It is lies that farmers cannot find local youths, housewives, pensioners and others to pick fruit and crops locally.  Farmers and food factories just don't bother  to advertise near themselves at all.  They go overseas to recruit immediately, bypassing this country always, because it is cheaper for them to do this and to exploit foreigners.  One rarely sees any jobs advertised in rural towns or their local papers – because such employers are too stingey even to bother to place ads.

Agencies have a stranglehold over all IT workers in London.  IT professionals are only able to find short term contracts. Few of these workers can find their own career or work directly for a company for longer periods of time, because the Agencies impose penalties upon companies who do not do what they require.  Thus the agencies are getting huge wads of cash from all that brain work of hundreds of graduates within our capital. If any of the IT workers are reasonably paid now, just think how much money Agencies are creaming off from the banks and other organisations their contracts are with.

The top owners and executives of such parasitical Agencies are the Big Business once worshipped by the Tony Blair Labour government.

It must be "down" to Agencies that Chief executives (eg of local Councils) are receiving such massively high salaries.  Have you read the smarmy adverts for such "top" posts?

"Employment" agencies use devious methods and are responsible for the fact that the youth of Britain, including most of its graduates, are left on the scapheap.

Many of the methods which agencies use are unfair, ageist, and prejudiced (interviewing and decision making methods).  Why are Agencies permitted to insert/intrude themselves between people,  and to make such life-important decisions about peoples' lives; rather than permitting the actual companies to talk and negotiate directly with candidates?

Workers on short-term Agency contracts do not belong to Trade Unions.

Agency methods may have permitted some of the best jobs to go to liars and criminals.  How else would somebody like Fred the Shred have got away with all that he did ..


Why is this idea important?


Agencies must be fully investigated and fined or punished for dubious practices if possible.

If unfair recruiting methods are used UK-wide, then the stranglehold  of Agencies on UK job situation must be wrestled off them.

Permit young people to have a fair shot at getting work.

Punish crooked operators

Make good what has gone wrong during the last few decades; improve chances for youth.

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