There are no bogus asylum seekers. This is a media conspired notion. The majority of Asylum seekers are fleeing countries that are at war or being invaded and poverty. If we stop invading countries and address worldwide poverty ther will be almost no need for asylum laws. UK invaded most of the world  ie Asian, Africa and many others. Remember your history of Colonialism. It is not possible for people to say "I did not do that" but most have inherited the notion of socalled superiority. 

Why is this idea important?

There is a need to stop the false one sided argument that is being discussed in many circles. We live in a world village period and people will contunue to move for what ever reason. The world will be a better place for all we just shared what we have. Believe me most people will not leave their own countries, families and  just to come here! In fact very few Asylum seekers come to UK, most go to the countries next door.   

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