After spending a weekend in the Capital London, I was dissmayed to find no UK citizens working at any  of the hotel, theatre, resturant, train and taxis we used. As so many of our own children are now leaving school, college and university and cannot get work at all. I would like to suggest that all uk companies be required to employ at least 70% British and 30% others. All companies with jobs in the UK should be supporting our economy this would get our young people into employment and reduce the numbers on benifits from families that have worked and paid into the system,  Foreign students/ exchange yrs students should not be taking all the UK  service industry jobs.

Why is this idea important?

If all companies employing staff in the UK where to have to employ 70% british and maximum 30% others. This would eleviate the number of unemployed in the UK and give British students a start into industry.  It would give british kids some self esteem back and hope for the future.


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