I propose that laws and regulations which prohibit, when driving, the use of mobiles phones, eating and drinking be relaxed under very specific circumstances as follows:


On Motorways, when a vehicle is travelling at less than 10 miles per hour because of a recognisable problem

Why is this idea important?

On Motorways all vehicles are required to travel at a reasonable speed otherwise drivers could be accused of dangerous driving.  Therefore, the only time when vehicles travel very slowly, for example less than 10 mph, is when there is a problem, eg.


Traffic accident

Traffic hold ups – queues

Problem with vehicle

Passenger/driver problem


Under such circumstances, it may be important to contact someone.  Imagine being caught in some dreadful snowfall on a motorway and going slow for hours in a long queue and not being able to eat, drink or contact a relative, because it is against the law – does not make sense.

No law should prevent commonsense from prevailing.  However this concession should apply to motorways only where vehicles, under normal circumstances, always travel faster than 10 mph. and only when a recognised problem has occurred.

Drivers that slow down to 10mph when there is no recognisable problem but simply to eat, drink and use mobile phones should be considered dangerous drivers as per current driving regulations.



















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