There have recently been 2 cases in the news regarding decisions made by judges that have horrified me. It really raised questions as to why judges are not held accountable for the decisions that they make, given that they are unelected but making important decisions is undemocratic.

The stories I am referring to are as follows:

Graeme McArthur in February 2009 inserted a baby wipe into a babys bottom to prevent it from soiling a nappy. The baby was in extreme pain and required surgery on his bowel. The offendant was neither convicted nor fined as Lord Turnbull did not consider the offence to be sexually related. This is disgusting –  the offendant  may have caused permanent damage to this child and caused it severe pain – I cannot understand how this man was not imprisoned – will this man continue to be in contact with this child or other children? Will social services be involved to ensure that this child in being kept safe? It occurs to me that if an individual commited this act against an adult, elderly person or even animal then they would have been imprisoned. The baby cannot speak for itself or explain the distress that they have been caused and it was up to the judge to decide upon a suitable punishment on behalf of that child, but Lord Turnbull has failed this child and so has the law.


The second news story related to a terrorist, Abid Naseer who was identified as being a serious threat to national security, was not deported to Iraq as there was a danger to him of being tortured. This is outrageous, the safety of one man appears to outweigh the safety of the many people who live in the UK. This makes an absolute mockery of the dedicated and hardworking servicemen and women we have fighting terrorism in the middle east  – how are we ever going to win the war against terrorism when we are protecting the terrorists in our own country?

It appears to me that some of these extremely poor decisions are being made by white, upper class males who are totally out of touch with real life and are too scared to make decisions that are important to the british public, but must be seen to be acting politically correct without realising the implications of their decisions.

It also appears that some decisions are made to reduce the burden on prisons in the UK, may I suggest reducing the cost of maintaining a prison inmate by taking away some of their home comforts. Prison is a punishment, not a day care centre.

Why is this idea important?

Poor decisions made by judges needs to stop

Judges need to be held accountable

The public needs to be protected

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