My idea is one way of resolving unemployement. During the 21st century there have been a number of natural disasters around the globe that have caused havoc and devastation for the countrys/areas affected. 

Recently these past few years up to now umemployment has rocketed unnaturally. Millions have been made unjustly redundant due the cuts etc. I believe that the goverment should set up agencies around the country aimed at umemployed men and women from around 18-50years of age. The agencies are aimed at aiding countrys/ares that have been hit by natural disastors such as the most recent flooding in pakistan. The agency will provide travel cost to the country/area affected and basic accomadation and supplies for up to 2 weeks per person. The problem at the moment is that our country has hundreds of thousands of umemployed men/women, the plan is to use all that manpower for the good of the world and the general satisfaction for the umemployed person. They are sent over to places such as pakistan to help with the rebuilding of houses and rebuild the country. This will not only provide the umemployed worker a feeling of satisfaction but help them to be grateful for the lifestyle that they are currently in, perhaps providing he/she with inspiration to do more with there life for the good of others as oppsed to staying at home on the sofa watching t.v from dawn till dusk entering a downward spiral of worthlessness and depression. It can also be put onto the umemployed persons c.v upon there return as to help them in accumulating a job.

I feel that this transaction should be put into place immediately by the goverment as this will prove to be a far more affective way of not only dealing with the unemployment problem but aiding other countrys with action. As opposed to the current situation which is the goverment throwing money at it and hoping for it to be put to good use and resolve the situation and that has never worked.

Also this plan is not only simply short term as natuaral disastors have a long term affect and frequently occur. That is my idea please take it into consideration, thankyou for reading this.

Why is this idea important?

To help the country out of mass unemployment that has riveted this country.

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