My idea is to scrap all the unessarcary paperwork for social workers, so they can spend more time with the young people entrusted to their care, The whole serivce need a reform, it needs to be much more efficent, also i think that young people accross the county that are in care should have a council which put forward their views on how the service shoul be run in a much more efficent way to help them, which i actualy plan to set up this year, this is so the fabric of the level of care will be much more effectivew in serving and looking after those children who are most in need in this country, and it is wrong just to sit back and to watch these children suffer and have there right continuouslty being swayed, and abused, (i myself am a 16 yr old child in care) and continuing to rin the service in this way is not jsut impeeding the progress of the level of care support, they get, but it is resticting their future whcih will make them more likely to depend on benefits or be homeless, or end up in prison, and this will imnpeed the gfrowth and integrity of this country, it will jsut ruin the fabric of society, and this country will ineditably fall unless we act now to change the policies in Social services and unessarcary laws prohibiting disiplin of the child, for without disaplin they are much more vounderable to join gangs and illegal activities. so we need to make sure this does not happen and to bring them up on such a way that they will have a good start up for their lives.

Why is this idea important?

This is importaint for the growth of this country, also to prevent breaches of the 1989 childrens act, for this has been breached iwth me on many a time, for example, last september i was forced away from whre i was at the time, to Birmingham, by Birmingham social services, but they did not put me back into a school and they jsut left me there when i was in year 11 (ive only jsut finnished my GCSE exams) luckily i fought it and was bout back to the area where i was before, but this is abismal and if you truley feel the need for this to change you need to act now before it becomes to messed up to work at all, and beofre long no one will trust the service due to the abismal level of care which they give, even if you have a full care order in place over you.

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