NQT (Newly Qualified teachers) must complete an induction year of three school terms in order to gain their QTS and can teach in mainstream schools. The problem is that many NQTs have found it difficult to obtain a post which will help them complete their induction year because of lack of posts. Cuts in education and teaching jobs will make the situation worse. Many have turned to supply teaching, but cannot complete their induction within the specified time limit as it is difficult to obtain three consecutive term time posts. 

According to new rules introduced on 7th May 1999, they must complete this induction year within three terms or if they do supply teaching in posts which last less than a term, this would be a maximum of four terms. If they fail to meet this requirement they will not be able to teach in mainstream schools, although they will not lose their QTS. Short term supply placements of less than a year do not count towards the induction year.  Once they start on a short term supply teaching, the clock starts ticking and then the pressure is on to find other long term supply teaching posts within four terms.

It seems a waste of time having a QTS and not be able to teach in a mainstream school, because they have not fulfilled the requirements of a statutory induction period will not be eligible to work in a mainstream school. There is major lack of long term teaching posts for NQTs. There are many qualified teachers out there who have not been able to teach in a school as they have been unable to complete their induction.

Why is this idea important?

Change the law made on 7th May 1999. As there is a shortage of teaching posts, there needs to be an extention to the induction period, much longer than 3/4 terms. Short term supply teaching should be included in the induction.  Any teaching experience, especially if it is in a variety of different schools, is good experience and will make a good teacher because of the different experiences of teaching in different schools. Or maybe make the induction period shorter which includes short term supply posts. We are seeing a waste of people who trained to become teachers through various routes who cannot teach in schools because they cannot fulfilled the criteria set out for completing the induction year for lack of jobs.

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