I do not understand why it all has to be so complicated and focussed around the dog.  

If one vauxhall cavalier kills someone, the owner is on trial, not the car. And they do not seize all vauxhalls from their owners  because of it!!!!!

Make it compulsory for all dogs to be chipped at birth.  Owners must show proof of ID when registering their pup, much like the vehicle registering system. They are then responsible for their dogs behaviour. It will be the owners responsibility to ensure, when they transfer ownership of the dog, that they send details of the new owner to the central body and the new owner must show proof of ID when confirming ownership. Fines for all dogs who do not do this. Vets, dog wardens, police, can scan dogs to determine who is the owner.  Owners should take reasonable steps to check potential new owners are suitable and knowledgeable about the breed/general petcare before passing over. When new owners register, any previous bad ownership will flag up on file. Failure to register previous dogs will also show, and alert the authorities to a potential problem.

Anyone buying a dog should check it has been chipped, and report the previous owner if not.

I do not believe owners should pay vast sums for licences to own a dog. Many poor people are wonderful owners and gain much pleasure from owning a pet. There are enough expenses to pet ownership which prove a problem without adding to the burden.

The potential is there for fines to those flouting the rules, and the income generated from this, and the drop in disastrous incidents costing the taxpayer thousands, should be sufficient to cover the cost.

Before anyone jumps down my throat, I know this idea may need adjusting, it IS just an off the cuff idea. I also know dogs are different to cars; very much so, they are more like children….

 But, the law currently treats them more like cars… a dangerous car unfit for public roads  is seized and destroyed, or impounded, just as a dog is.

A child is not put down because it bites someone! A child is taken from an irresponsible/neglectful/abusive parent (well, SHOULD be!) and rehabilitated, nurtured, and so it should be with dogs.

My border collie, I was told, was a breed not really good with young children. She is wonderful with my grand daughter.  I couldn't ask for a more loving, patient, tolerant dog.  That poem, about, if a child lives with patience, etc etc applies to dogs also.

Not an infallible system, but it would be better than what is currently in place.

Why is this idea important?

EVERYBODY'S ideas are important, and then maybe a good, true, fair system can be worked out using many facets of many ideas. 

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