Foreign students ( and their families if accompaning them ) are permitted to join the NHS  when arriving in this country so long as they are going to be here for 3months. How can this be fair when unlike the rest of us taxpayers they have paid nothing into the NHS and yet can  immediately avail of all the services the NHS has to offer? WHY dont the Universities  who accept these students, often going abroad to other countries scouting for prospective students pay in full or at least towards their health care while they are studying in the country from the large tuition fees they get from each student? Surely this would be a fairer situation considering that  foreign  students have put nothing at all into the NHS as they dont pay taxes and many leave to go back home after their course so there is no ecconomic gain for the country at all just a drain on NHS services while they are in the country.

Why is this idea important?

1) It is a means of raising money for the NHS and stopping some of the drain on precious resources.

2) It is only fair that those who pay into the NHS be those  that can avail of any service they require. Why should those who have paid nothing in get the same services as those who have paid their taxes for themselves and thier families.

3) To stop the taxpayer and the NHS being used and made a fool of, it seems any one can come to the Uk and join the NHS BUT could any of us UK citizens go abroad and get free treatment ???  I dont think so !! Why should we be paying for foreign students and some times their familes healthcare from tax payers money? 

4) Why hasnt this been thought of before, why should the universities get all the tuition fees and pay nothing towards the health of their foreign students and often there accompaning family were is the accountability there?

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