As someone who is being made redundant for the fourth time in ten years, I would really appreciate the cessation of the annoying practice of companies that advertise employment to the general public, when they already have the posts earmarked for internal staff. It is difficult and soul-destroying enough applying for numerous jobs when you are unemployed, without wasting time, effort and postage costs on something that has absolutely no chance of producing results. May I also add that the worst offenders are the NHS and Councils.


Pat Bell

Why is this idea important?

Trying to find employment is difficult, especially if, like me, you are over 50 and physically disabled. You can spend hours filling in application forms and writing letters; most of the time employers don't even bother to acknowledge receipt of the application, or let you know why you have been unsuccessful.

I have no objection to companies employing internally – I am sure that,in many cases, their own staff are better qualified or informed regarding the relevant position, but this legal requirement for them to advertise the post when they have no intention of recruiting externally is extremely annoying; it is a waste of their time and money; it is a waste of external applicants' time and money, and it is a pointless and heartless law. Even the staff at the Job Centres acknowledge that they find it annoying.

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