I've just been told that my no claims bonus on my second car will only be recognised for one car and not the second (company: 1st Quote) also that the no claims bonus is for the car and not the driver. 

Surely the fact that I have been driving without claims for over 30 years should be rewarded and incentivised and not penalised? My no claims record should be for me, and not just for a car. With the average car being owned for just a few years of its life, their is no reward for longevity in terms of safe driving.

Next the insurance industry will be charging me extra because I have blue eyes and/or blonde hair, or because the day of the week on which I am buying insurance begins with a 'T'.

I have also had a dreadful experience trying to insure my 22 year old son. The insurance costs three times as much as the car does!


Why is this idea important?

The car insurance industry is ripping us off, having the ultimate effect of turning people off the experience and cost of buying insurance. That means that more people, especially younger drivers, are likely to drive without insurance and ultimately endanger us all. We should make car insurance something we would all willingly want to buy rather than dread buy ing.

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