Run an ad campaign on tv and radio very similar to the ones for Revenue, and Benefits. The tone is just right. The HSE have almost scripted this already with their 'myths' section on their site. People need to know what is sensible and also legal, and what is mythical. Then they need a helpline, like the NHS one, so they can ask advice from the professionals. The H&S officers and technicians.

If this gets swamped, devise a training and recruitment scheme at a centre, tor new staff. There will always be prospects in the future for them. Have a team of people who could go out as operational officers for a while and help firms, or be available on the phone. All done to professional, benchmark standards, for the whole country. We train teachers/bbc/nurses 'centrally' and economically, lets have some HSE practitioners who can sort things out for people – as with a visit to one's accountant, of from an electrician. Variety of ways to fund/finance/rent such services – and many people looking for a steady job too.

Why is this idea important?



The HSE states clearly that misinterpretation, by individuals, of relevant legislation is common. In practice, it is rife, and bordering on stupidity. At best this is stifling enterprise, at worst it is choking and in some cases ceasing the daily operation of many – especially small – organisations in Britain. A tendency has developed amongst far too many individuals to cite 'health and safety' as a reason not to carry out occupational duties. We cannot move forward under this present culture, and it needs an overhaul. Now. 

We do not need any further legislation unless the HSE, in their professional capacity, directly call parliament for it (If the EU parliament is now generating British H&S legislation, then tell the public formally please. We need to know who is governing this if we are to live with it).

There are individuals in many organisations 'policing' H&S law who, regrettably, do not have the skills profile to do so. In some cases, H&S rules are almost established by rumour,

People are too busy or too frightened in some cases of what may break perceived laws, so they become excessively cautious. This is because the past government tended to infantilise competent adults at work. We must not end up with stunted business growth as a result.

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