The Government should not be allowed to force through legislation against the will of Parliament in its entirety.

Why is this idea important?

There have been a number of pieces of legislation in the last 100 years or so – the most recent being the Hunting Act 2004 – which have come onto the statute books despite being approved by the whole of Parliament (House of Commons AND House of Lords). The Government's argument was that unelected politicians should not block the will of the democratically elected politicians and, on the face of it, this makes sense. However, if governments were so concerned about the democracy being frustrated, they should have put much greater effort into reforming the House of Lords and turning it into a democratically elected 2nd chamber. Furthermore, the Parliament Act will become somewhat anachronistic when the House of Lords is democratically elected.

By cororally, any legislation that has been introduced by virtue of the Parliament Acts, such as the Hunting Act 2004, should also be repealed as far as is reasonably practicable.

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