As a serving police officer i find it incredibly fustrating at the red tape involved in prosecuting a person for urinating in a public place. Document this, that record this that. Urinating in a public place is disgusting, can cause disease and smells, and cost the councils money to clean. However it has become so common on weekend evenings that it has become technically unmanageable, and officers will often choose to verbally warn offenders due to the time consuming current prosecution methods, for fear of being embroiled in a paper process when often it is our busiest times.

The introduction of a simple fixed penalty ticket, which does not require officers to fingerprint, etc afterwards to be issued there and then for the offence of urinating in a public place. I would suggest £30 fine with only the name dob and address required to be recorded in case of non payment. (No need to record as a crime or on any databses or record as a statistic for any department, just a simple fine to clean up out streets, and no limit to how many you can be issued.) 

Why is this idea important?

This is a fundamentally basic thing that will clean up our streets and make people more responsible. It is a simple offence which at the moment is dealt with by officres under several guises, such as drunk and disorderly, sec5 of the public order act, and old offences under the town clauses act. each one requires much more red tape than necessary. Let us cut down on red tape and police effectively reducing disorder and cleaning up our streets.

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