Make illegal the use of safety partnership speed camera vans with darkened windows

Why is this idea important?

I am all in favour of curbing speeding motorists but I find the use of safety partnership vans with darkened windows and containing speed cameras very worrying. There is no contact with law enforcement at the scene and all they do is alienate the motorist from the police by making the process of enforcement anonymous. It does nothing for the principles of community policing and policing by consent. It turns the police into spies and brings their reputation as firm but fair minded people into disrepute. It offends my sense of justice in that the operators of the vans are sneakily spying on motorists in a cowardly way. If the police wish to use speed cameras- and I am in favour of them doing that- then they ought to do it in an open and transparent way where the motorist and police meet face to face, so that justice is done and seen to be done.

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