Why does the government plan to waste billions of pounds developing the nuclear industry when the money could be far better spent on installation of renewable energy sources at a macro production level?

New homes builders could be legislated to incorporate energy production via solar paneling, wind turbines (in certain areas of the country where this is proved to be effective) or boreholes to generate geothermal energy or a combination of both.  Standards for energy efficiency could also be raised with minimum requirements for insulation, heat retentive windows etc.

The government could also re-direct the planned billions of pounds of investment into nuclear energy into grants for the elderly and the poorest sectors of society to ensure the energy needs from the energy suppliers are significantly reduced. 





Why is this idea important?

Scientific studies have shown that the majority of homes in the UK would benefit from the use of solar panels.   Geothermal energy production would seem incredibly simple and efficient especially if incorporated within the foundations of a new build.

Nuclear energy is a short term solution, perhaps 30-40 years.  However as it is takes about 10,000 years for the radioactive material to be safe, the long term cost of the energy production including its safe storage (remembering it is not 100% safe) are therefore astronomical.  It is all to easy for a government to adopt short term solutions and quick fixes for political reasons.  It is time we looked at the bigger, long term picture.

Although the production of giant offshore wind farms etc is commendable, it is the power company who ultimately benefits because we need to source that energy from the power grid.

Why do we not re-direct power production to a macro level, power to the people! (So to speak)

The end user (us) is the ultimate benefactor as there is no profit to be made by any large corporation, just a saving and reduction in our dependency for energy.

There have been initiatives in the past where grants have been provided and consumed within hours because the amounts offered were woefully inadequate.  However, what this does demonstrate is a keenness to adopt such initiatives.

If such an idea is adopted it will generate jobs and provide excellence in this sector which can be exported.  We apparently want to be a world leader in green and renewable technologies but we do nothing about it.  Maybe its now time?


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