All revenue raised from "Safety Cameras" should be used to remove the hazard they are put in place to protect against. This can easily be audited and built up within the finance departments of local or national governments, whichever is responsible for the designated piece of road. If the hazard cannot be removed then a camera should not be used.

Permanent siting of a camera should never be allowed to be an acceptable option.

It is unacceptable that people continue to be fined for driving through a recognised hazard rather than safety being increased. The public should have an easy way to find out WHY existing cameras have been placed in particular positions and what the responsible government department intends to do about the identified danger.

The public should have easy access to all relevant information regarding Safety Cameras

Whoever is responsible for a particular "safety camera" should have a simple and effective way for members of the public to contact them so they can ask what particular safety hazard the camera is there to gaurd against. They should be able to provide a one page summary, in an easily accessible and understandable format, detailing the following on request.

1. What the hazard the safety camera is gaurding against

2. The plan to get rid of the hazard

3. The cost of ridding the area of the hazard

4. How much has currently been raised towards the eradication of the hazard and the projected time frame for raising the total amount

All proposed new Safety Cameras should be subject to public scrutiny prior to their placement

When a new camera is to be placed, the above information should be published for all to see prior to the camera being sited. This will increase public scrutiny of decision making. Again, the information should be easliy accessable and in formats which the average member of the public can understand.

Why is this idea important?

My idea gives a self-financing road safety programme which is about removing risks, rather than educating people to drive around them.

It means that people will be able to scrutinise the decisions regarding the positioning of cameras and will understand the reasoning behind their placement. This will increase their acceptability to the motoring public at large.

Revenue raised will go towards work on the roads, which will in turn create meaningful employment and give the UK the safest road network in Europe.

It also helps in taking the UK from a society based upon surveillance and the threat of punishment towards one which the Government is activly trying to encourage participation and reduce its interference in the lives of its citizens.

The openess and transparency of the scheme would also increase confidence in the public that the Government is moving away from its previous culture of secrecy.

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